Health Benefits of Sorghum

SorghumResearch Into the Health Benefits of Sorghum

Sorghum is a grain grown in many regions of the world, and is used in our diet in many ways. It can be prepared into a porridge, can be baked into bread, as a cereal with milk, we can make cakes, pancakes, and virtually anything that can be cooked with gluten free flour.

Sorghum has a great nutritional value, and because it is gluten free is a great alternative to wheat. In fact, replacing some of the wheat in the diet with gluten free alternatives, such as sorghum, or corn, it’s beneficial even for people with no diagnosed gluten sensitivity.

Besides the nutritional value, sorghum has been proven to be a functional food, with great health benefits, as research shows it.

Sorghum and Black Bean Salad
Fresh and Delicious Sorghum and Black Bean Salad

Sorghum Content is Very High in Antioxidants

Researchers at Texas A&M University, after an extensive research on sorghum, concluded that regular consumption of sorghum may have a great impact on our health, because of its high content in phytochemicals. Their research cited evidence that sorghum may reduce the risk of cancers and promote cardiovascular health.

Sorghum Against Cancer

Scientists at the University of Missouri discovered that sorghum has a strong antiproliferative activity against human colon cancer cells.
 Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry

Human Melanoma Treated with Sorghum

Spanish Scientists studied how components in wine and sorghum affected the growth of human melanoma cells. The conclusion of their study pointed both wine and sorghum as efficient in the treatment of human melanoma.
Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry

Sorghum is Safe for People with Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease affects 1 percent of the North American population. Recent research performed in Italy established that sorghum was safe for celiac patients. Patients who were fed sorghum and sorghum derived products, during the experiment, showed no symptoms during the five days of the experiment.
Clinical Nutrition

Sorghum May Protect Against Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

White SorghumResearchers at the University of Georgia Neutraceutical Research Libraries discovered that sorghum bran are effective in protecting against insulin resistance, and diabetes.

They also tested wheat, rice and oat bran, and some low-phenolic sorghum bran.  The results suggest critical biological processes can be affected by certain sorghum varieties. These processes are important in diabetes and insulin resistance.
Phytotherapy Research

Sorghum and Cholesterol Levels Management

Scientists at the University of Nebraska, at the end of a four weeks experiment on hamsters, concluded that sorghum could be used to control cholesterol levels in humans.
Journal of Nutrition

Incorporate Sorghum In Your Diet NowSorghum vs Quinoa

There is a lot more evidence on the beneficial effects of sorghum on our health. When you start adjusting your diet to include healthier, natural, non-industrial foods in your daily diet, it will be evident in your health.

One of the less known facts about sorghum is that it contains almost the double of essential amino-acids compared to quinoa, touted as a great vegetal source of protein.

You can start incorporating sorghum in your diet right away. For instance, replace one third of the wheat flour in your bread recipe with sorghum flour. Or try the delicious sorghum flour pancakes. Try our sorghum cereal recipe.

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