Pastured Raised Turkey

Maple Hill farm raises high quality, farm fresh  turkeys the way nature intended… on green pasture. Animals are fed a chemical-free, multi-grain diet consisting entirely of  grains and grasses. No antibiotics or hormones are used—EVER. Our animals  have all-day access to green grass, water, fresh air and sunshine.011

All our birds have accommodations that protect them from predators and allow them to roost or nest and relax each night in a warm, safe place.

You may not know that in Ontario you have to purchase a chicken or turkey Quota if you want to sell chicken or turkey. Since we do not purchase quotas, nor support supply chain management, we are only allowed to raise 300 chickens and 50 turkeys each year.

We do not purchase quota as we prefer to have more than one customer, raise the birds outside on pasture and NOT grow 20,000 birds at a time in a conventional broiler barn.  It is not humane.

However, you should know our feed and housing costs are much higher than a conventional farm. We think it is more important to respectfully raise animals in a pasture based farm plan than raising more animals more quickly and disrespectfully.

As a non-quota holder,  I can not sell Turkey off the farm, so I just wanted to let you know that we are raising 50 Turkeys that will be ready Oct 8, 2014.

Commercially produced turkeys are raised entirely indoors with thousands of other turkeys in very close quarters. They never see the sun or pasture. There are only “guidelines”  in the poultry industry  for Organic or “Free Range” turkeys   Industry does not give information for how long they must be outdoors and on pasture to be considered pasture raised.   In  order to label their  poultry “free-range or free-roaming,” “producers must only demonstrate that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside.”   Most often no mention of pasture (grass) is made. Poultry producers themselves seem to have no common standards.   “Access to the outside” is interpreted by some as a small door on an end-wall of a 100 ft. long shed filled with un-caged birds moving about freely on a litter-covered floor. Others feel they are compliant with the spirit of free-range if their birds are outside in the open air and under the sun; even if their “range” is only bare dirt.  Consumers often take for granted that if poultry is labeled organic it must have been raised outside on lush green pasture.  This most often is not the case.  It merely means the poultry has been fed a diet of organic composition most often in a large poultry barn with thousands of birds.  the term “free range is even more ambiguous.  The guidelines state that all free range “animals must have access to the outside”.  Some poultry farmers fell they have complied with the guidelines by simply having a door to the outside.  Poultry chicks raised inside on the floor most often will not go outside on their own.  They may never venture out during their entire life even though a door is open.

Maple Hill Urban Farm Pasture Raised Heritage Turkey008

Ready for Thanksgiving 2014

 Pick-up date Oct 8, 2014

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