Meet the Bees, July 16, 2022

Come and learn about the honeybees, who they
are, what they do and where they live. Children
(over the age of 6) and adults are invited, the
number of participants is limited so if you are
interested, please sign up as soon as possible by
send me an e-mail to
The session will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2022 from 10:00-12:30p.m
The cost of registration is $40 per family. You can send an e-transfer to or pay by cash on the day of the session.
When registering, please write to: and provide the
following information:
1. Your full name, contact information, e-mail and phone number,
2. Name of all people attending. Please specify that you are registering
children under 18 by providing their full name and age (certificates will be
issued to children attending).
Beekeeper Anne (me) will talk about bee basics and participants will get to
look inside a demonstration hive and identify workers, drones, and the
queen. Weather permitting, we go to the field and observe bees visiting
flowers and feeding on nectar.
After the field visit, there will also be tasting of honey from different flowers,
such as wildflowers and buckwheat as well as some comb-honey. For
children, there will be an optional painting and decorating session,
reflecting on what we saw in the bee yard and in the field.
What if it rains? We will still be able to do most of our activities as the
information session will be held in the big red barn!
What to wear and what to bring:
The presentation will take place in the barn away from the bee yard.
Should you wish to visit the bee yard, please wear light coloured clothing
(white, yellow, beige) long pants and long sleeves, a hat with a rim, socks (so
you can tuck your pants into them) and shoes that cover your feet (no
sandals please).

-No sunglasses or anything dark as bees are attracted to anything dark and
get curious. (They think you are a bear and may act instinctively.)
-If you have a mosquito jacket or other protective bug gear, please bring
that as well. I will provide some protective veils and gloves but may not
have the right sizes for everyone.
-For children, optional session, where we will be doing some painting so,
please wear clothes that can get dirty with paint.
-Water, snacks, and anything else you may need. We will be out in the sun
(weather permitting) for some time so please bring whatever protection you
use, but please stay away from perfumes and strong floral smell.
-A camera if you would like to snap some pictures.
-It is also suggested not to eat bananas 24 hours before the session. The
odour given off by bananas smells like the panic pheromone which gets bees
to be defensive and on alert.
A port-a-potty or an outhouse will be available on site, but you may want to
“go” before you arrive!
Please note that if you think you or anyone attending might have
allergies to bee stings, bring an epi-pen with you!