FAQ I Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

Managing a farm is a full-time job and keeps us very busy. Since goat yoga is a peculiar activity, as you can imagine, we get many of the same questions. Unfortunately we do not have time to answer every email or phone call, but will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible. Here is a list of Goat Yoga FAQs. We hope you will find the answers you are looking for.

What is the Address for the Goat Yoga Classes?

All of our goat yoga classes are held at Maple Hill Urban Farm in Ottawa, 200 Moodie Drive (next to the Queensway, exit 134). As long as weather permits classes take place in an open field. From November onwards they are held in a heated room in our barn. All our classes fill, so we do not allow walk-ins without special permission. Parking for Goat Yoga is available directly in front of the barn.

What is Maple Hill Urban Farm?

Our farm is located in Ottawa’s Greenbelt, a publicly owned 20,000-hectare expanse of land including wetlands, farmlands and forests surrounding the Canadian capital. In 2012, the 167 acre farm was leased as part of the National Capital Commission sustainable farmland program. Since then the farm aims to provide a food production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Part of the mission is to teach the benefits of naturally grown food to the extended community and to share ideas and practices with like minded people through community work, allotment gardens and special events. We raise healthy and happy animals such as goats, ducks, chickens and turkeys. All animals roam freely across many different grazing pastures around the farm.

Can we just come and pet the goats without yoga? I don’t really do yoga.

Goat Yoga is a very casual fun environment. The yoga is as hard as you want it to be. You may find that you actually like doing yoga after coming to a class. You are welcome to just sit on your mat and meditate with the goats, but you still sign up for a class. Not all of our goat yoga participants do yoga on a regular basis.

How long is class?

Each class is an hour long, but people usually stay after to take pictures and mingle with goats.

Is it handicapped accessible?

Yes! Depending on the handicap, you may want to bring a friend to help.

How many goats do you have?

Currently we have up to 14 goats to go around in the open field.

Are children permitted in classes?

For the safety of the child, and our goats, we prefer them to be around 10 years old and comfortable around animals. Children still need a ticket regardless of age. They should be able to make it through a fun yoga class and not wander around. We have a lot of other animals so it can be tempting. So please use your own discretion when bringing a child.

How do I sign up for a class?

Class can be found under our “catalog” tab. Click on Goat Yoga and choose the date you want. Then click the “Add to cart” button. You will pay by credit card for your class.

Do we bring our own yoga mats or do you provide?

You are required to bring your own mat or towel.

Do you have bathrooms?

Unfortunately not. But there will be an outhouse available for emergencies.

Do you give refunds?

Sorry there are no refunds unless class gets cancelled due to unforeseen rain or heavy snowfall. In very special circumstances we might be able to move you to another class, but you must have permission to do so because our classes fill quite quickly.

Do you offer private classes?

Goat Yoga is more fun with a lot of people. If you have a group of 40 people in summer and 15 people in winter for a private event we can open a special class for you. Email to schedule.

Do your goats travel?

No. We only do goat yoga at our farm.

Are spectators allowed at Goat Yoga just to watch and take pictures?

We understand that many people come to Goat Yoga and don’t want to do yoga. You do not have to do yoga but you still need to pay for the class.

All of your classes are full and I really want to come, should I call and email you a bunch of times until I get in?

No. Just see if you can find another class to come to. We have the maximum amount of people the goats can entertain when we make a class FULL. You will have more fun coming to a class that isn’t full.

What should I wear to Goat Yoga?

You may wear whatever you want to goat yoga. Goats don’t judge, Goats just love. Just remember you’ll have goats jumping around who might also occasionally pee and poo.

Can I come early to spend more time with the goats?

Please come 20 min earlier in summer as the open field is a little bit off the driveway. In winter come 10 min earlier for instructions and to get organized. You will have plenty of time with the goats after class.

What happens during class?

Our certified yoga instructor will teach and entertain yoga class with yoga sequences appropriate for all levels. We, on the other hand, will make sure everyone has a unique goat experience during their practice.

Can I transfer my ticket? Can I check in without my ticket? Do I need to print out my ticket?

You can check into goat yoga with just the name that bought the ticket or the email. If you’d like to give it to someone else then forward them your ticket or give them the name you bought the ticket under! You do not need to print out your ticket.

Do you milk the goats?

Currently we milk goats. The others are just „pets“.

What about the goat poo?

All of our classes in summer are held in a grassy field so any poop becomes part of the Earth and you’ll barely notice it! In winter classes you will probably notice it more. But before every session the room will be cleaned up. Goat poo doesn’t stink and can easily be shaken off the mat. Just use the other side of your mat to continue with your workout.