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Ottawa farm grown chickens100 % local – 100 % fresh

We believe the best way to know what you are eating is to know your producer. We use sustainable farming practices to produce safe, nutritional and fresh food. Our goal is to help supply  the National Capital Region with fresh quality products. Conveniently located in the West Ottawa, we are easily accessible from Kanata, Nepean and Ottawa.

Duck and Chicken eggs

Our chickens and ducks are cage free. They eat a high Omega-3, flax seed and alfalfa feed. We do not vaccinate or feed antibiotics.

At our farm store:

  • Free range chicken eggs
  • Free range duck eggs

Please call Craig @ 613 407 6111 for pick up or send an email to  He will save the eggs in the house for you.


Sorghum is an ancient gluten-free grain with hearty texture. A great source of protein, fibre, Vitamin B and minerals such as iron and magnesium! Sorghum grain can be prepared and eaten like rice, quinoa or other whole grains.

Harvest of autumn 2018. Gluten-free, non GMO, all natural home grown. Cereal and flour is hand milled. Please contact us for pick up times and/or terms of delivery. Any amount available when you bring your own container.

  • Sorghum Grain    3.0 lb. for $ 10
  • Sorghum Cereal   2.5 lb. for $ 10
  • Sorghum Flour     2.0 lb. for $ 10

See our blog for recipe ideas.

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